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Are you aspiring to step into the world of modeling?

At VDM Management, we are on the lookout for fresh and captivating faces.

For Females:
If you are between 1.74 cm and 1.82 cm tall, with a size of 34/36.

For Males:
If you are 1.84 cm or taller, with a size of 48/50.

No prior experience or an expensive professional portfolio is required to apply.

Simply showcase your natural self.

Fill in the details below, and give us a brief insight into who you are, your interests, and why you aspire to be a model*.

*You can apply in Dutch or English.

Become a models
Personal Information
Contact Information
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In an industry where authenticity is paramount, there are unfortunately individuals posing as model scouts. We strongly recommend verifying the identity of any scout.

Reach out to our agency by calling +31 (0)20 33 000 21 or checking our Instagram to validate a scout's identity.

Your journey to the runway starts here!