Kim ”The life of a model”

I’m often asked how my day look like. Days if I have to work. That’s difficult to say. A day in the life of a model is never the same.

It sounds fantastic and glamorous, but it is not always. Fly at inconvenient times. A very noisy hotel sized wardrobe room. Or 7 degrees and a winter sun in a bikini on the beach hupplen until you literally blue in the face for example.

But some jobs are really presents. As my last shoot for Garcia Jeans in Venice. Truly a party!

On a Thursday I flew with the crew to the beautiful Venice, where the next day was planned a shoot. A shoot with 3 models, Bojana, Teun and Panos.
With a water taxi we were dangers to our hotel. What a delight! We stayed at the Westin Hotel. A magnificent building that breathes history. On the water, including another stunning views.

The next morning I was sitting at 8.15 pm in the makeup. Sanne, the make-up artist, started even earlier. The first shoot took place in the hotel. That’s easy for the styling, make-up and thus also for us. The hotel is beautiful and lends itself to a beautiful shoot
This day I took over the Instagramaccount Garcia Jeans (@garciajeans). I then take pictures or short videos backstage on the shoot and place it on the Instagram account of Garcia Jeans. So everyone can get a little how it is behind the scenes goes. And of course you get too see a small preview of the result.KF_Garcia27-300x300

Around mid 10 began the first shoot for me. Photographers Alexander and Bjorn knew resuming the most beautiful places and the right light. Gorgeous!

After several beautiful creations of Garcia Jeans have worn them, which are beautifully captured on film, it was time for lunch.

The second shoot was at the Music School. Again a brilliant location! It seems like a much migration goes along. All outfits, accessories, but also the make-up and all the necessities for the photographers. A whole circus. Dressing goes quickly and in between. The stylists check everything natural, making it a perfect setting

The Garcia outfits were really great! Simone, styling, everything had been carefully selected and it shows!KF_Garcia20-300x300

After a long day, followed by a delicious dinner. Everybody is tired from the long day, yet full of energy. The shoot went well, the result is stunning and beautiful environment does also wonders.

Well to bed on time, because we just move on again the next day!

My alarm clock extremely early. At a time when I sometimes go to bed only. Because at 5 o’clock in the morning I was already sitting in the chair by Sanne the make-up artist!
At a quarter to seven we went to San Marco square where the first shoot of the day was scheduled. What an impressive square! Especially so early in the morning, when the slowly awakening Venice.

Between 11 and 14 hours we could have lunch here and then explore a small part of the city. The weather was nice, little overcast, but nice enough to be outside and nice town to see a little. The narrow streets, the many canals, it’s beautiful, I enjoyed

At half 3 was the second shoot-site turn. Gondolas, boats and water was now. The weather was happy with it and these pictures are really become beautiful!

Around 19 pm: It’s a wrap! Everything’s on! Everyone is happy and excited about the outcome.KF_Garcia24-241x300

After a nice dinner and a round walk through beautiful Venice I go back to the hotel again. Tomorrow I fly back home.

What a gift to be able to do this shoot for Garcia Jeans in Venice! The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming. Everyone was focused and the result is really beautiful. Kate, Andrea, Kentroy, Simone, Bjorn, Alexander, Sanne, Teun, Panos and Bojana, it was nice working with you! Until next time

In the slide show at the bottom of this post to see you more backstage photos from the shoot. I’m curiouswhat you think.





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