Kim most beautiful woman of the Netherlands











In recent months was the most exciting competition of the Low Countries place. The competition that makes the Premier League a joke. The titanic struggle that man and woman in the Netherlands shackled to the screen. And tonight it’s finally come, dear readers. The smoke is cleared, the votes have been counted. The winner of the FHM500 2016 is none other than … Kim Feenstra!

Proud as a peacock
Kim: “I consider it a great honor that I have chosen as Most Beautiful Woman in the Netherlands. Many beautiful women have gone before me. I find it exciting. The feeling is similar to the excitement I had when I won Holland’s Next Top Model in 2007. But I am very proud especially of the fact that I have been chosen by the readers of FHM to most beautiful woman in the Netherlands. “Kim behind the scenes

FHM editor Chris Riemens: “Kim has been one of the most beautiful women in the Netherlands. I think there is no woman in this country who has┬ásuch an extremely high sex appeal as Kim. Amazing and only right that she is now chosen as Most Beautiful Woman in the Netherlands. She is also a tough, cool chick that you can laugh. This combination of properties makes the Dutch husband appreciates her so. ”

We are very proud of Kim, as colleagues and as friends! Kim, you urned it!

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